Course Update 9/11/22

Bunker renovation is going along pretty well. The bunkers on the Shortgame and 10-18 are completely removed now. Rebuilding and shaping of the new bunkers is starting to pick up pace. By the end of this week, the Shortgame and holes 10 and 11 will be ready for the pouring of the capillary concrete liner. Scott Benson, the architect from Beau Welling Design, will be visiting on Tuesday, September 13th to adjust or approve the shaping and then layout the construction envelopes on 1-9. He will also be spending time finalizing the design on 18. Demolition will move onto 1-9 soon with all bunkers being removed by winter. Given the current weather outlook, it looks like we are on pace to have bunkers 10-18 complete before winter sets in.

Four more paving days last week brought us a little closer to completion on the cart paths. We will have a day or two sprinkled in over the next few weeks until we are finished with the course. We will be spending time this Fall and Spring building up the edges to match the new asphalt.

PoaCure. As mentioned earlier, poa trials have gone very well over the last two summers and we’re ready to proceed with a broader chemical program in 2023, if desired. If we wanted to do the entire golf course, we would need to close the course completely for four Mondays in May and June. (5/15,29 and 6/12,26) As always, weather can certainly be a factor with this program. If we were to have a very wet Spring or have really wet days on days that we were scheduled to spray, the schedule would have to be adjusted.