Course Update 9/13/2020

Fall maintenance is coming. The time that we have after summer and before the snow flies and the ground freezes can be markedly short. As noted on the calendar, we will begin some of these turfgrass cultural practices on Monday, September 21st.

One of our goals, always, is to try and relieve compaction from the season’s cart traffic in fairways. We will begin with some small-area aerification in the last 10 days of September and then by the first of October we will be aerifying entire fairways. Play will remain as scheduled, and we will do our best to continue to provide minimal disruption.

We have been concentrating on smoothing rough out this season by lowering the heights and topdressing with sand. We will add aerification into that after September 21st which should also help significantly.

September 30th and October 1st are the Dryject aerification dates for greens this year. Nine holes will remain open each day. The two practice putting greens will receive extra aerification with standard coring tines this year because of the amount of extra traffic both of these greens have received.

We have used some of our spare time this summer to create a new bentgrass nursery near the end of the practice facility so that we can continue to have turf on hand for poa removal, animal damage and whatever emergencies we may encounter.

Other Fall projects will include poa removal using turf plugs, some paving, more selective tree removal, and some additional cart path work near the tunnel and near 13 green.