Course Update 9/13/19

With this year’s winter damage fresh in mind, we will be changing our Fall and Spring maintenance practices to minimize risk of further damage this coming winter.

  • We will be using a new method of Greens aerification this year called ‘dry-jecting’:  a machine that immediately fills holes with sand as quickly as they are created. This will be a one day process on Wednesday, October 2nd.
  • We will be doing some aerification on fairways and in the rough. This aerification will begin in late September and will result in smaller holes that will be filled more easily. We will also progress one or two holes at a time so that we don’t impact play or risk getting caught out by poor weather.
  • We will be abandoning our usual chemical applications this Fall and the coming Spring. Normally we would be spraying to control Poa Annua, but these chemicals also take a toll on the Kentucky Bluegrass.