Late Summer Update 9/12/2018

Greens:  Greens came through summer very well and are in excellent health. Our focus for the Fall is Poa Annua eradication. We removed the heaviest populations when we sodded out the collars and surrounding areas this Spring, now we plan on using several staff members each day to physically plug out Poa each day from the remaining Greens surface until we are finished or winter closes in on us. The greens are approaching the tipping point where there is so much Poa present that ballmarks, aerification, or any sort of grooming or verticutting pose a serious risk to spreading and establishing more Poa. If we really dedicate ourselves and our resources we should be able to insure that our greens remain primarily Poa-free for many years to come. Aerification is not scheduled at this time, pending results from our Poa program.

Tees/Fairways:  We will be aerifiying 5 and 8 fairways during the second and third weeks of September this year. Those two holes suffer from shade and poor soil conditions; the more oxygen exchange we can promote through adding sand, the better these holes will perform.  Fairway aerification may continue after we close, weather permitting. There will be no Tee aerification this Fall. We have begun spraying for Poa on the Tees, the Short Game Area, and half of 15 fairway. These areas will begin to show signs of stress during mid to late September, followed by the melting away of the Poa areas in late Fall all the way into early Summer 2019.

Project Updates:  We are bringing in a Golf Course Architect to consult on a plan for improving bunkers throughout the entire golf course. This visit will take place the first week of October and our plan will be forthcoming once we’ve had an opportunity to review the possibilities.

Other projects that we are considering (after bunker renovations):

1.*       Move and renovate the V tee on Hole #1. The tee will be moved to the right to bring it out of the shade and improve the shot quality and ability to steer a drive away from the bunker.

2.*       Renovate and expand the II tees on the left side of Hole #7.  Small project with big dividend of added tee space on a hole that takes a real beating each year.

3.*       Replace the rock stairs behind #18 green with wooden stairs built to an architectural standard.

4.*       Regrade and re-sod the practice facility tee in front of the artificial turf area.

5.*       We will continue overlay of cart path as budget allows.

  1. Wood bridge inspections will take place this Fall with appropriate action to follow.


*will not take priority over bunkers