Late Summer Update 9/5/2017

Greens:  Despite missing aerification due to weather last year, Greens came through summer very well and are in excellent health. Because we missed our last aerification, it is crucial that we do not miss this Fall; therefore, we have scheduled Greens Aerification for Monday, October 2nd this year. Nine holes of the golf course will remain open as we aerify the alternate nine, then the entire course will remain open until the official close after Sunday, October 15th as scheduled.

Tees/Fairways:  We will begin aerifiying fairways the week of September 11th this year. Again, it is crucial for their health as we missed aerification last year due to poor weather. We will begin with holes 5 and 8 and will proceed at a rate of 1 to 2 holes each day so that the inconvenience to our members is minimal. We will be aerfiying tees early in October.

Project Updates:  The golf course has been in play for 17 seasons. We have been very successful in keeping the Greens free of poa annua. Unfortunately, we are finally experiencing the inevitable as poa annua infestation of our collars has increased dramatically in the last two seasons. This Fall and Spring we will be stripping the collars and approximately 6 feet out around every green and installing new sod. This will help insure that we keep our greens clean for the foreseeable future.

Other projects that we are considering:

  1. Move and renovate the V tee on Hole #1. The tee will be moved to the right to bring it out of the shade and improve the shot quality and ability to steer a drive away from the bunker.
  2. Renovate and expand the I, II, and III tees on Hole #12. The tee will be almost doubled in size and leveled with new vegetation planted to screen from Hole #17.
  3. Renovate a few bunkers on Holes 10 and 18.
  4. We will continue overlay of cartpath as budget allows.
  5. Wood bridge inspections will take place with appropriate action to follow.