Bunker Renovation

As discussed in more detail in our February 1st letter, contractor manpower shortages coupled with an early onset of winter weather prevented us from advancing the bunker renovation project as much as anticipated last year.  All of the bunkers on the back nine are shaped and holes 10, 11 and 12 are ready for concrete liner, sod and sand.  The contractor returns on May 1st, the short game area at our practice facility should be completed a few days later and, weather cooperating, the back nine should be completed by the beginning of July.  The contractor will then turn to the front nine and work through the summer until the project is complete.  The entire golf course will remain open for play as the project proceeds, construction will stop for our major golf tournaments and all bunkers will be buttoned up and playable for those tournaments.

Course Conditions

Due to a cold spring with little sunshine, the golf course is generally 2-3 weeks behind.  Fortunately, great growing weather and warmer temperatures are finally in the forecast.  We were under snow for about 140 days, pushing the limitations of our snow mold chemicals and affecting several areas in the fairways.  Most will grow through and be fine; however, the 8th fairway was hit hard and sod work may be necessary on that fairway.  The greens came out of winter with no pink snow mold (a significant problem last year).  Kevin and his team’s goal is to deliver the most consistent green speeds possible for the entire season. The greens will be at their final cutting height by May 15th.  From there, it is a matter of sunshine and time until each plant reaches its seasonal maturity and produces the thin leaf blades that give the speed we are looking for.