Course Update 3/22/23

So far this winter and Spring everything is pretty normal. We have 12-24” of snow on the golf course with very little ice buildup. After exposing our first bentgrass green at the practice facility last week, there is no sign of Pink Snow mold and the turf looks very healthy. The next two months of weather will determine whether we stay disease free or not.

I was personally hoping for a record-setting warm Spring to launch us into the continuation of our bunker renovation. That’s not happening. Our forecast calls for well-below normal temperatures to set in again next week and continue for the foreseeable future. The sunshine is nice and helpful, but we are well below the temperatures we enjoyed last Spring.

The million dollar question is when can we have Heritage Links in to get on with the project? I don’t know the answer to this question…yet. We will continue to monitor snow melt and temperature. However, it is unknowable what kind of precipitation we will have in April, May and June. We continue to be in touch with Heritage Links and attempt to advise them on what to expect based on the last 20 years of weather data and our best guesses for the near future.