Course Update 03/10/20

Once again, we’re here to talk about the weather. The first significant snow cover for the golf course finally came on December 24th, about five weeks later than ‘normal’. Prior to the 24th, the soil had been frozen but it was rather warm and raining. This is the perfect scenario for ice buildup on our putting greens and throughout the lower (drainage) areas of the entire golf course. The weather has been really warm and mild throughout the end of February and beginning of March which has significantly melted snow all over the property. We currently have about 6” of snow cover with many bare spots already coming through. Warm weather is great news because it will really help reduce any ice accumulation that we have under that last bit of snow. In February, we had accumulated a significant amount of ice in isolated areas on greens, especially on the largest putting green at the practice facility. We have been monitoring all of the greens on the golf course and have found ice; although not nearly as thick as it is at our lowest elevation. The good news is that most of that ice is now gone and any ice damage will be minimal.
On another note, we have decided to definitely install new sod on the 8th fairway. We have removed all of the snow from the 8th fairway and if the weather cooperates, we may be able to begin preparation work for sod near the end of March. Sod installation will follow as soon as possible after some new drainage has been installed and the hole is able to stand up to the traffic from the sod laying equipment.