Looking out on all of that snow it would be fairly easy to think that our golf course may be under considerable pressure right now. However, our turfgrass is very much in its happy place. We received snow cover before the ground froze this year so there is no barrier to positive drainage when all of the snow does begin to melt which will greatly diminish the chance for ice damage. The first couple of feet of snow that fell this year was also extremely cold and dry so there is very little moisture near our turfgrass right now which will help keep disease pressure low.

We will continue to monitor the weather and as it looks favorable we will remove the top layer of snow from the greens and let the rest melt away naturally. We may run into a situation this spring where it is extremely wet due to the amount of snow melt, but we were able to get a very good jump on our projects last fall so as of this moment we’re right on schedule. It’s all about the spring weather from this moment forward and as we all know, it could play out a hundred different ways!