Course Update 3/18/24

This entire Winter has been marked by drastic freeze/thaw cycles creating quite a bit of ice on greens underneath the snow. In many areas we have observed ice up to 3” thick, which is substantial for this property. We have removed snow on greens that we know to be historically problematic, exposing the ice layer to the sun and this warm weather that we’ve had in early to mid-March. So far, all the of the turf looks pretty healthy although there are signs of pink snow mold on several greens; not nearly as widespread as the outbreak a few years ago. Not too surprising given the mild and wet conditions under the snow this year. We have a few more weeks of unsettled wet and snowy conditions to endure until we really know how we have come through.

One of the projects we worked on this winter is the fabrication and installation of handrails on all of the stairs on the golf course. This is complete.

We have an updated PoaCure program for consideration.

We have the following dates penciled in as days that we would make applications:

  1. Monday, July 29
  2. Monday, August 12
  3. Wednesday, August 28
  4. Monday, September 9
  5. Monday, September 23

The key to PoaCure is to try and deliver the chemical to the soil. This requires pre-watering the turf when it is hot which keeps the chemical from drying on the leafblade until it can be watered in right after spraying. It takes a significant amount of irrigation, about a quarter inch, to get the chemical into the soil. Applying a quarter inch takes quite a while and accounts for the need to close the course.