6/9/23 Bunker Renovation Update

Heritage Links currently has 16 people working on site. This past week, they completed the irrigation on the 18th hole. That completes the irrigation on the back nine. We received some rain on Friday the 9th which softened everything, but we have not lost any work time.

Four concrete trucks this week were enough to finish off the liners on the bunkers on 18. More concrete is coming on Monday.   

The 18th hole now has sand in all but two bunkers. The right side of the hole, where the bunker was removed and the other bunkers were repositioned, is about 50% sodded. We should see completion of this hole later during the week of June 12th.

We were able to get quite a bit of sod on property this week. The 10th hole is completely sodded and finished. Now we have to wait for the sod to adhere to the edges before we can put traffic in those areas. Once the sod is firm, the sand will be complicated and pulled all the way to the edges making the bunkers playable. Waiting for the sod to heal in usually takes two to three weeks.

Scott Benson from Beau Welling Design and Sergio Cadengo from Heritage Links were both in town this week checking on progress and working with us on design, scheduling, and procurement of supplies. Some small changes were made on almost all of the holes on the back nine. Holes 8 and 9 were marked for future demo, which will take place when the back nine is closer to completion. As we will be trying to do only two holes at once when we move to the front nine, Scott will be scheduling design visits more frequently to review the holes prior to concrete installation.