Course Update 6/11/2020

The golf course came out of winter very well and has continued to thrive throughout Spring. We were able to almost completely avoid winter damage, and those areas that were affected proved to be very minor and have recovered well.

Greens are in good condition. Speeds are slow but we are down to our final mowing height and they will continue to speed up into the end of the month as they always do. The bentgrass has to go through it’s annual Spring physiological cycle before the leaf blades thin down which improves ball roll. Expect verticutting and topdressing every two weeks; these practices help with texture, smoothness and speed. We continue removing poa and replacing with turf plugs almost daily. Many greens that were really infested last year have shown much less poa annua this Spring after the extensive plugwork from last Fall. Exactly the reward we expect from that effort.

Hole #8 has shown great improvement with the addition of drainage, tillage with 4 inches of new sand, and fresh sod. In combination with the significant amount of tree removal, this hole has performed very well throughout these rains of June. We’ve had almost 4 inches in June; in the past that amount would make #8 unplayable. We’ve also seen improvements to the fairway on hole #5 and behind the green on hole #4 where we removed more trees that were casting shade.

The sun is out and the golf course is starting to dry out. It’s going to be a great summer for golf.