Despite the heavy snowfall and a long winter, the golf course is coming along nicely. We were pinched for time before opening with all of the sod work, but as that heals, improvement is noticeable each day. It’s a relentless battle to keep as much poa annua out of the golf course as possible and this resodding was another step in the right direction.

We have a few projects that we are intending to have wrapped in time for the Campbell Tournament. Those would include refurbishing the event lawn, bunkers that are under construction on #10 and #12 and the tee box on #12. The rock walls supporting and surrounding the new tee box are complete. Irrigation and grading will be complete within the next week, and then it is a matter of installing sod and the finishing touches.

Quality of cut is drastically improved this season due to the purchase of the new reel grinding equipment. I would expect turf density on most of the course to improve as a result. Greens speeds aren’t where we would like them yet, but they will be by the end of June as usual. The plant needs to go through that maturity process each year before it sheds it’s more succulent growth and becomes finer and faster.