6/2/23 Bunker Renovation

Heritage Links currently has 13 people working on site. There is talk about bringing in 3 to 6 more in the next 10 days. This past week, they completed the irrigation on holes 11, 13, and 17. They have two more bunkers to irrigate on 18 and then the back nine irrigation is complete. They have started 18 as of writing this; I suspect they will finish on Saturday.

Two concrete trucks were enough to finish off the liners on the bunkers on 10 on Wednesday and Thursday, plus part of one of the seven bunkers on 18 was lined. Sand went into all of the bunkers on 10 today. There was some sodwork earlier in the week that finished two bunkers on 10 and covered some bare ground adjacent to 18 fairway.

Next week they have scheduled three concrete trucks for 18, and as much sod as we can get. The sourcing is a little slower through our local sod provider because they are a small operation, but it will work out.

Scott Benson from Beau Welling Design is due in town on June 7th at which time we will review work in progress and start laying out the plan for the front nine.