6/16/23 Bunker Renovation Update

It was a bit of a tough week for bunker construction. The concrete plant was down for three days and sod is under such high demand in the valley that we are really scrambling to use a combination of picking up sod with our own trailer and having delivery trucks when they can spare them. The issue is not the amount of sod in the field, it’s the ability to harvest and deliver and enough to keep up with demand.

A heavy thunderstorm on Sunday evening made conditions in the construction areas fairly muddy Monday morning. It was a good test for the the bunkers receiving heavy rain and certainly showed that the capillary concrete is effective at passing water while holding the sand in place.

Hole 18 nears completion with only about 7000 square feet of sod remaining. Another rainstorm on Thursday made it wet enough that we had to pull off and focus effort on 11. The bunkers on hole 11 are now complete. The concrete plant is back online and more concrete is scheduled for delivery today.

We picked up some sod today and have more scheduled for delivery on Monday and Tuesday to finish out hole 18.