Course Update 7/17/23

Greens have gained a little speed into the mid-10’s, and we’re still working at it. We have lowered heights to .115” and are rolling for speed and smoothness when possible. We have completely cut Nitrogen fertility out of our program and are staying on a strict sand topdressing schedule of every other week.

We still have many small areas in fairways that are recovering from snow mold, and they continue to receive seed and mulch and have shown more improvement every week. Elk urine spots continue to be a problem. We finally have some time and some staff available to begin removing the soil in these areas and reseeding.

Eight fairway is in excellent condition, it has been lowered to fairway height and is ready for heavy traffic the rest of the summer.

Heritage Links have finished the bunkers on hole 8 and are within a couple of days of completing hole 9. We will be bringing these into play just as soon as the sod is rooted in. We will still be attempting to complete hole 7 before the Roundup. The plan is to have all bunkers playable and Heritage Links will not be on sight during the tournament.