Course Update 7/8/22

On a very positive note, we can finally say that we have the disease under control on the greens. We’re looking forward to some sunshine and warm weather so that all of the density returns to the affected areas.

The turfgrass at the Larkspur pool continues to mature and improve providing a pretty good surface for poolside fun. The chainlink portion of the fence is now complete. Montana fence is still waiting on parts for the iron portion of the fencing along the top of the retaining wall.

We were able to pave holes 10, 11, part of 13 and most of 18 last week. We will resume and finish the last of the paths on the back nine in late August or September as the schedule allows. 

Heritage Links is beginning to ship equipment our direction in anticipation of the beginning of the bunker renovation project on August 1st. As mentioned previously, we plan to begin on the practice facility and short game areas in order to leave the golf course untouched for as long as possible this summer.

Today we completed our fourth application of ‘PoaCure’ testing for the season. Some poa annua looks sick in many areas as it is turning yellow and melting out. Other pieces of poa annua look completely unaffected. As for the bentgrass, we are definitely seeing reduction in lateral growth on the greens that we are treating. These greens are having a tougher time recovering from ballmarks and even from the aerification holes from May. (As a reminder, we are treating the large practice green at the practice facility as well as greens 1,3,7,12, and 13.) It is also obvious that at least one colony or strain of bentgrass is adversely affected by the chemical. This is not cause for serious alarm as there are thousands of different bentgrass colonies out there; just something of note to keep our eyes on.  We will continue to plug poa from the greens that we are not treating chemically. In addition, we have treated the entirety of 13 fairway. This is the first entire fairway that we have treated and should give us a good indication of how successful this program could be. Much of the poa annua on 13 fairway has turned yellow and is showing promising signs of stress after the 3rd application. The protocol is 7 applications on greens and 5 applications on the fairway throughout June, July and August.