Course Update 7/16/2019

Conditions on our tees and fairways have not been ideal this Spring and Summer. With the improvement in the weather over the last two weeks, I’m happy to see that improvement reflected in the golf course. Greens are coming up to speed as the rainy days become further apart. Greens are dense, smooth and healthy. Poa removal has slowed way down as it is harder to find in the summer. We also don’t want to cause excessive disruption during peak season. The plugs that have been replaced continue to blend and will blend even more after a few light sand top dressings. We will aggressively be searching for and removing Poa until snow flies. There were some greens that were significantly more infested than others and it may be troubling to see so many plugs, but in the long run the plug work will fade and become unrecognizable. We are still looking forward to being able to focus more on texture, grain, green speed and soil health as we continue to remove any emerging Poa.

Fairways are filling in fairly well except for #8 and #11. We attempted to reseed #8, but the chemicals that we use to prevent Poa seed germination are too strong. Bright side: chemicals work. Down side: sometimes when winter goes badly chemicals put us in a position that delays recovery.
We are really happy with the amount of Poa and Bentgrass that we were able to kill on the tees in the Fall and Spring. They are really starting to fill in well throughout all of the dead Poa and will continue to improve as summer marches on.