Tournament Schedule

2020 Tournament Schedule

Golf Course Open for the Season: May 9
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Horse Out of the Barn: 2020 tournament canceled due to COVID-19
The Campbell: June 25-27

The Showdown : July 13-15
The Roundup: July 22-25: 2020 tournament canceled due to COVID-19
Club Championship: August 11-13
Ladies’ Day Scramble: August 19
Horse In the Barn: September 19
Golf Course Closed for the Season: October 15


Horse Out of the Barn

Since 2004, this tournament has served as the kick-off to our summer golf season at Iron Horse! The Horse Out of the Barn Tournament is a relaxed, informal tournament where members compete with other members and/or guests.

The Campbell

This tournament honors Iron Horse’s first General Manager, Jim Campbell, and his brother Bill Campbell, both of whom have passed. Although the format changes from year to year, our admiration of these two wonderful men only grows stronger. They contributed so much to our Club and the community of Whitefish. What better way to pay tribute to them than with a golf tournament in their honor?!

The Showdown

Ladies, holster up! This two-day tournament is not to be missed. Invite your closest friend and participate in an exciting tournament.

The Roundup

The Roundup is an Iron Horse staple. Gentlemen participate with a partner in this four-day event to determine who really rules the west! Tournament format varies slightly each year in order to accommodate the growing participation in this event. Highlights of The Roundup include the Tequila Shot, Mouse Races, Horse Race, and live entertainment.

Club Championship

Men and Ladies will compete for the ultimate title: Club Champion!

Ladies’ Day Scramble

Bring a team of four and enjoy a relaxed day of golf followed by cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

Horse In the Barn

Our end-of-season tournament is sure to be a fun one. Although the golf course remains open for another month after the tournament, putting the Horse In the Barn is our way of bidding farewell to another great season at Iron Horse.