May 2016

Early snow melt and plenty of nice weather have combined to make this a very successful Spring for Golf Course Maintenance. The turf wintered very well and is already in excellent health. Vole damage was virtually nonexistent, there was no ice damage, and there was very little disease. The exception would be our largest green at the Practice Facility and the other three smaller greens in the Short Game Area which became diseased under snow cover and sustained significant damage. They are recovering and will be in play as soon as we can possibly have them ready.

We were able to accomplish many course improvements as listed in the previous Course Update. These have all been completed and we are now looking forward to getting the course in the best condition possible.

Iron Horse has always been challenged with areas of thin turf. We have changed some mowing patterns near some of the greens in hopes of alleviating some of these ‘thinner’ lies. Those changes along with decent weather and a quality fertility plan should improve our overall turf density. We would call on you to help us by not driving in some of these sensitive areas. Examples would be near any of the greens, but especially holes 5, 8, 11, 12, 15, and 17, where the approach to the green gets heavily trafficked. Exiting the holes farther from the greens will really help improve these areas.