June 2015

It has been a beautiful spring and the golf course is in generally good condition. The rain total from June 2nd and 3rd was almost 2 inches. This will really help fill in some of the thinness in the fairways caused by the Poa Annua applications last fall and winter damage in general.

Much of the sodwork on the greens that were damaged by winter is healing and starting to look pretty good. The new sod on the putting green is starting to root and will be playable by late June, although not quite to the speed of the other greens. It unfortunately takes about an entire season in this climate to normalize newly sodded Bentgass. There will be plenty of aerifying and topdressing in that area throughout June.

Sod is on the way for the project on #14 and pavement will follow shortly for the same area.

The clay tennis courts came through winter beautifully and we will be wrapping up the electrical and the landscape in that area within the next three weeks.

At the Practice facility, there was not a single puddle on the two newly-graded tiers or the artificial turf area after the rainstorm. We’re excited about that because in the past both of those areas would be unplayable for a day or two after rainfall of that amount.