December 2015

Warm and dry weather stayed with us long enough this Fall to accomplish at least the beginnings of many items on our list.
We stripped and leveled two more tees at the practice facility and rebuilt the stairs between the tees. These tees will be ready for sod as soon as spring temperatures allow.
We continued the rock wall from behind #18 green around the back of the ‘I’ tee on #10. This tee has been raised and expanded.
The ‘II’ tee on #16 has been leveled and amended with better sand to alleviate the hardness in the root zone. Stairs have also been added to this tee.

We have a total of 8 bunkers in some form of renovation. Those holes are:

            1 bunker on #3

            2 bunkers on #5

            1 bunker on #8

            1 bunker on #11

            3 bunkers on #18

In addition to the stairs on #16, we have replaced stairs on #2, #5 and added stairs to #6.

Of final note, we continue to systematically remove blue spruce trees from key areas throughout the golf course as we have for many years. The spruce trees were initially planted as cute little 6 foot trees with tiny root balls. Throughout the intervening 15 years, they have grown up into 25 to 50 foot trees with roots and spreading branches approaching 30 to 40 feet. The effect has been significant turf damage and crowding in many areas; not the least of which are key areas beside tees and above bunker faces. Some of these areas will remain unplanted and wide open while others will have some new and less-invasive plant species installed.